The online Children News Portal started its publication with the motto “news for all” in December 2008. A number of dedicated young journalists undertook the overall project who serves the purpose of providing news in Bangla for the welfare of not only Bangladeshi children but also among all the Bengali speaking children throughout the world.

The publication includes news on science and technology, juvenile literature, academic news and materials, jokes and humors and so on. It aims to compile a complete package of youth infotainment.

At least 80 young representatives of, ranged from 15 to 25 years, are now working in all the districts of the country. They are contributing to issue children affair-reports every month and reporting to uphold United Nation’s Children Rights. Countries renowned senior journalists who are the mentors of enlighten the correspondents. Moreover framing of a new project “Bondhu Shomabesh”, which will be conducted by the readers of, is under process now. The project members are expected to make significant contribution in preserving children rights in their native places. wants to bring new dimensions in our society children with sense of humanity and equity. aimed to build up proper concern for children rights among the children with the help of mass media. The website will focus on children’s problem as well as their expression to life, which will be collected by the correspondents with their own interest and passion to do something for children. To cope up with this advanced world is going to train its entire staff on computer, Internet and photography. As a result, the staff will be able to bloom up with their latent talent and contribute to the society. will work to build an “oppression free society for children” and will go towards greater destination for a children friendly world. Following the aim will keep an eye to social mishaps concerning children, oppressions and violation of children rights. The fresh, bright, aspiring and innovative youths will make it possible.